Recently Prime100 teamed up with Bondi Vet to feature on their much-loved TV series.

Bondi Vet follows the lives of veterinary surgeons providing comprehensive care to pets throughout Australia. The Bondi Vets show how high-quality veterinary care combined with science is essential, to help pets stop suffering. The team has over 50 years of experience treating animals. They’re completely aligned with our mission of creating healthier pets and happier pet parents, by being a voice for the voiceless.

We are incredibly proud to appear on the program as a provider of functional, long-term diet solutions. We partnered with Bondi Vet to help solve different indications in pets by providing highly effective, functional diets. Functional and targeted ingredients with purpose are essential for a diet that creates healthier and happier pets. Through working with Bondi Vet, we used our Single Protein functional diets to expose food responsive indications and therefore provide a solution to the suffering.

Freeing animals of low to acute food sensitives is what drives us here at Prime100. We want to see healthier pets and happier pet parents! It’s the complete and balanced functional diet our pets deserve.