Imagine a workplace where wagging tails, furry cuddles, and wet nose boops are part of the daily routine. That's the happy reality of bringing your dog to the office. The concept of having dogs in the office is gaining popularity, and for good reason, with studies showing that it actually has lots of benefits for you and your furry friend.

Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To The Office

Boosting Employee Morale and Happiness

Let's face it: who doesn't smile when they see a wagging tail and an adorable face? Having dogs in the office instantly brings a positive and friendly atmosphere. Interacting with dogs can help reduce stress, increase happiness levels, and improve overall employee morale.

Fostering Socialization and Collaboration

Dogs have a remarkable ability to break down barriers and bring people together. With a dog around, coworkers often find themselves striking up conversations, sharing stories, and bonding over their mutual love for dogs. This socialization can foster teamwork, improve communication, and boost collaboration among team members. After all, what better icebreaker than a tail-wagging conversation starter?

Encouraging Exercise

Let's not forget that dogs are natural energy boosters! Taking your dog to work means you'll have a built-in exercise buddy. Use your breaks to take a walk or play fetch with your pup. Not only will this give them the physical activity they need, but it'll also get your blood pumping and recharge your brain so you can stay motivated throughout the workday.

Pictured: Prime100 office regular and all-around good boy, Bear.

Tips For A Successful Office Experience

Bringing your dog to the office may sound like fun, but it's important to plan ahead to ensure a smooth and enjoyable day for everyone involved—yourself, your pup, and your coworkers.

Check Workplace Policies

Before bringing your dog to the office, make sure you familiarize yourself with your company's pet policies and guidelines. Ensure that bringing dogs to the office is allowed and adhere to any specific guidelines your workplace has.

Pack The Essentials

Don't forget to bring all the essential supplies you might need such as treats, bowls, bedding, poo bags, collar, a harness and lead. Toys to keep them entertained are also a must!

Create A Safe Space

Set up a designated area within your workspace for your dog with a comfy bed, water bowl, toys and anything else to make them feel safe and happy. Check under your desk and surrounding area for any cables and wires that might cause a hazard.

Communicate With Coworkers

Be mindful of any allergies, fears, or discomfort that your coworkers may have. Communicate with them to ensure everyone is comfortable and willing to share the workspace with your dog.

If your office gets lots of doggy-visitors, you might even consider creating a 'pet-calendar' to easily share when your pup is coming to the office.

Regular Toilet Breaks And Exercise

Dogs need regular exercise and bathroom breaks. Take your furry friend outside for short walks or play breaks to keep them happy. These breaks also allow you to refresh your mind and stretch your legs.

Even with regular breaks, remember accidents happen, so keep the cleaning supplies on hand and be prepared just in case.

Be Responsible

Office environments aren't for all dogs, so before bringing your dog to work, consider their temperament, personality and behaviour. If they don't enjoy being around other dogs and people or become stressed and anxious in unfamiliar settings, it may be best to leave them at home for their comfort and well-being.

Pictured: Lazy boy, Jasper who loves a visit to the Prime100 office.

From reducing stress, fostering social connections and creating a positive work environment, the benefits of having dogs in the office extend far beyond the cuteness factor. Just remember to always consider if your pup would be comfortable and make sure you are prepared for everything you need to make it a smooth and productive work day.