Everyone wants their pet to be best dressed at the dog park, but this doesn’t happen on its own. Here are some helpful dos and don’ts to help you stay on top of your pet grooming routine.



Stay natural
Use all-natural shampoos and grooming products. This is the first and most important step for proper grooming. Chemical products can cause irritation just like they do in food!

You are what you eat
Feed your dog a nutritious diet. Our complete and balanced diets are packed with essential nutrients for maintaining luscious locks.

Brush their teeth!
Brush your pet’s teeth and use dental treats to reduce tartar and plaque. Our raw croc bones are designed to strengthen teeth and assist with dental hygiene.

Have a routine
Groom and wash regularly to avoid knots, painful mats, and skin problems. Imagine if you didn’t brush or wash your own hair! Once a month is a good place to start.

Keep it short
Clip their nails. Overgrown nails can be seriously painful and uncomfortable. Nails are easy to miss so make sure you check them regularly.

Wipe it down
Dog’s love getting down and dirty. After your dog goes for a run outside check for any mud or residue on their paws, stomach, or sensitive areas and wipe it off with a towel or wipe.



Say no to scented products
Don’t use scented shampoos. These sorts of products can irritate the skin, eyes, and nose.

Avoid bad food
Don’t feed your dog processed food with low-quality ingredients. Some pet food contains knackery meats, large quantities of grain, preservatives, artificial colouring, and unhealthy fats – not ingredients for a healthy coat!

Keep it short AND sweet!
Don’t cut their nails too short – this is painful and can upset that calmest of pups. A small trim each time can help you avoid cutting too deep.

Wash behind the ears!
Don’t forget hard-to-reach areas prone to infection. To clean ears you can use a cleaner purchased from your vet. It’s a good idea to avoid Q-tips.

Sharpen your tool belt
Don’t forget to clean your equipment. Dirty brushes and rusty scissors don’t cut well or leave a glamorous look.

Stay positive
Don’t give up on grooming! You can always call a professional groomer, ask your vet, or us for more tips!