The Prime100

How our story began.

Over a decade ago, our conversation drifted to the silent suffering of pets around the world. Unknown to most of us then, and still now, environmental factors and the foods we feed our beloved dogs and cats are causing allergies and day to day general misery. While scratching, itching, belching and back end complications might be commonplace, they are not normal and are likely to be the result of food-based irritations and allergens.

Veterinarians knew the problem and the clinical treatment so very well. A dermatology prick test that was difficult to line-up, prohibitively expensive and not always conclusive, or a food-based allergy diagnosis – novel proteins, elimination diets and then a diet-based treatment and maintenance plan.

However, this was more than most pets and their owners could manage, given nothing was available on the market and making a specific pet food diet from scratch was complicated, time consuming and an imperfect answer.

The recent years.

With a keen eye for innovation and a relentless pursuit for quality, we got busy leveraging our existing pet food expertise to develop a range of single protein and functional ingredient diets.

Working alongside a growing network of expert dermatologists, veterinarians, and nutritionists to create PRIME100 pet nutrition. A scientifically based range of functional protein diets for veterinarians and pet parents where every ingredient has a purpose.

Nutritionally balanced, delicious, and specifically designed to aid in the elimination of food-based allergens and indications, putting to rest the unnecessary silent suffering for our beloved dogs.

Today and the USA.

We could not be more enthralled with the opportunity to help pet and pet parents in the United States alike. Partnering with pet speciality retailers, we have launched in the North-East region and have plans to launch further products and wider as we grow.

As a proud member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, we are committed to implementing sustainable business practices that minimize our impact on the environment and the communities where we do business. We believe sustainability is a critical component of any successful business strategy and are proud to say that we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future for our customers and the pets they love. PSC is a collaborative nonprofit that provides tools, educational resources and implementation support to drive environmental and social impact.

We like to think we speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, acting on their behalf to provide better ways and better days. It is important, enjoyable work and we love to see PRIME100 pets and their owners alike, happy, and out to play.

Our team.

We are a young, dynamic team that is committed to the carefree, comfort of pets. Our love for animals has brought us together with a mission to innovate pet nutrition in Australia and the United States. Partnering with leading veterinary experts and scientists across the country we have introduced innovative and functional products to the Australian and United States markets. Proudly providing pet speciality retailers, veterinary professionals and owners with access to a low allergy animal diet. Our pet food assists with low to acute sensitivities to let them live the dog’s life they deserve!

Jason, CEO

Jason, our CEO, is all about leading from the front and taking the hands-on approach with the business. No job is too big or small for Jason, as you’d expect, he is quite the animal lover. In fact, he works with the belief that dogs improve our quality of life and really…just make everything better! Jason has a Lagotto Romagnolo called Billy Bob and a school of fish, named: Flash, Comet, Rocket and Peachy!

Marcus, Chairman

Marcus IS our Chairman AND is the one that navigates the Prime100 family at every stage. When he is not buried UNDER paperwork he loves to spend time with his pup, Honey. On the weekends you will find Marcus down at his local park cutting hot laps with Honey and enjoying the fresh air!

Tzena, Founder

Our fearless founder Tzena is no stranger to owning a pet. But these days she has a Bordoodle called Bear and a little tabby cat called, Great Tree Smiley Face! Now, Tzena must confess, she lost out when it came to naming her feline friend. When Tzena isn’t busy running the company, she’s all about sloths, yes that’s right!

Snowy, Global Sales Director

Snowy is our fearless Sales Director, helping Prime100 make pets healthier and pet parents happier. Snowy’s Boston Terrier – Lola has a multi-faced personality which can see her being loving, extroverted, entitled, or anxious at any given time, but always guaranteed to make you smile. Following the football theme, Snowy is an ex-player, whose tight fitness regime is balanced with a relaxing beverage on the weekend!

Michael, Global Operations Director

Michael, or Big M as he is affectionally known as around the corridors of Prime100, has a Schnoodle by the name of Hurley. Yes, we have a few football tragics here, Hurley is named after Mick’s favourite player. When Mick isn’t at work…you’ve guessed it, he is watching sports! Mick considers himself the ‘Ted Lasso’ of the Prime100 family.

Jim, USA Business Development

Jim has over 40 years' experience in the Pet Specialty Channel starting in a pet store, working for distributors and manufacturers including The Iams Company, P&G and Phillips Pet. Jim is a proud pet parent of Ivy, a 3 year old Jack Russell and Bella, a 17-year-old Shih Tzu, and has three
married children, 4.5 grandchildren (one on the way) and Loretta, his bride of 38 years. He is all about family, friends, cookouts and all things Bay Area sports (49ers, Giants, Warriors). 

Simon, Global Marketing Director

Simon, SJ, Simmo... whatever you call him, this tall fella only recently joined us at Prime100 and has brought an instant gusto to the team and business. With Scout, his 3 year old dog, by his side, this family man is doing wonderful things here and will only continue to help us make pets healthier and pet parents happier.

Phil, CFO

Our wise CFO Phil has always owned a family dog and over the years he has had - a Labrador called Barney, a Maltese/Shih Tzu called Cody and a a Maltalier named Murphy. As we know, Phil is all about the numbers, that's over 30 years of dog ownership! Phil now prefers his walks to be on a golf course with his two-legged friends. But if he had the space (and time) he would have a French Bulldog.