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Prime100 Fresh to the USA.

Single Protein Diet™ (SPD) super premium fresh rolls for puppies to seniors. One single source of protein. Always fresh, never frozen. It's how we roll!

What are SPD™ Single Protein Diets'?

Diets with just one single source of protein. Complete and balanced, simplified diets that can help to reduce potential allergens and mimic the diets of canines in the wild.

Fresh never frozen SPD™ Rolls now available at select pet speciality retailers in the north-east of the US! Made in the USA and available in 1lb and 3lb. Find your closest store here.

Fresh, natural ingredients with a purpose.

Prime100 innovates and creates Single Protein Diets (SPD™) with a single source of protein which can assist dogs with food sensitivities.

Single protein diets are considered low allergen due to the animal being exposed to one single protein. Prime100 carefully selects functional ingredients which provide all of the health promoting benefits for a healthy, happy pet!

Prime100 SPD™ Fresh Rolls

Super premium fresh never frozen rolls for all growth stages from puppies to seniors. Our Prime100 Single Protein Diet™ rolls (SPD rolls) offer a single source of protein which can assist with food sensitivities and other indications.

We use single novel proteins in our rolls like Kangaroo, Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Salmon for their limited antigen properties. Quality limited ingredients with purpose are combined to ensure a healthy, balanced, low allergen diets.

What pet parents are saying about us.

The customer service I received was amazing. Super friendly & helpful. My dogs absolutely love the food and they lick their bowls clean every time. 🐶😁⭐️
— Lisa Kelly
My teenage Maltipom loves it. I've also a terrier with allergies the hypoallergenic product is excellent.
— Linda Norden
I have a very fussy whippet puppy with a sensitive stomach and gets very bored with food. He LOVES Prime100 and I have never seen him eat so quickly.
— Marissa Minx
Best pet food on the market. My dog has bad food allergies but is now happy and scratch free!!
— Craig Milverton
We recently switched our dog from kibble to salmon rolls and have noticed an improvement in her coat and less itching.
— David Wright
My pup goes nuts for the rolls, won't stop whining from when I'm cutting it up until I put the bowl down and he scoffs it. He loves the lamb and rosemary.
— Sabrina Aubrey

Made In USA

All our fresh rolls are made in the USA. All our fresh ingredients are sourced from American farms, primary producers and manufacturers with the exception of Kangaroo that comes direct from Australia.

Fresh, Never Frozen

To ensure top quality, nutrition and palatability, every single one of our SPD Fresh rolls are always fresh, never frozen.

Vet Recommended

Our collaboration with Veterinarian Specialists & Dermatologist ensures our diets continue to evolve with scientific research which meets the needs of pets.

Functional Ingredients

Our products are made to suit the needs of your pets, and to ensure your pet has a true functional diet.

Single Protein Diets

We use human grade ingredients which are much more rigorously regulated than those typically used in the pet industry. This means better quality and nutrition for pets.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every single one of our products - If your pooch doesn't like it, we will replace or refund for free.