SPD™ Fresh Rolls

Fresh never frozen super premium rolls for all growth stages from puppies to seniors. Our Prime100 Single Protein Diet™ rolls (SPD rolls) offer a single source of protein which can assist with food sensitivities and other indications. We use single novel proteins in our rolls like Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Salmon and Kangaroo for their limited antigen properties. Quality limited ingredients with purpose are combined to ensure a healthy, balanced, low allergen diets.

We're often asked 'why is Fresh better?' - The answer is that with a complete and balanced fresh SPD, your dog will acquire a better, healthier, and faster digestion. Your dog will also have more stable energy levels, fresher breath, reduction of intolerances, a stronger immune system, and overall improved health. Switching your dog to a fresh food diet will help them maintain an ideal body weight, which has been linked to a 20% longer lifespan*.

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