A healthy diet is often used interchangeably with words such as ‘natural’ ‘organic’ or ‘wholefoods.’ It is widely accepted that the ideal way to nourish our bodies is with natural foods that have not been tampered with or had too much human intervention. It’s simple really – just do what comes naturally!

The same theory applies to our pets. Before animals were domesticated, they fended for themselves in the wild catching their own food. This may have been chicken, rabbits, rodents, lamb, or fish – whatever nature would permit. Tinned dog food or kibble did not exist. Many pet nutrition experts recommend feeding a single meat protein rather than feeding multiple proteins in a meal. This is how animals would have eaten meat proteins in the wild.

Single Protein Diet (SPD™) offer a rich single source of meat protein. This could benefit dogs and cats with improved digestion, food sensitivities and can be used in food trials depending on the choice of meat protein. Food responsive indications may occur when the dog’s immune system reacts to a certain ingredient, protein, fat or one of many others, by triggering an antibody response which can be presented in many forms, it may be a digestive, dermatological or cognitive response. Using a more natural approach to feeding provides fresh ingredients, increased palatability and contains increased levels of key vitamins, minerals, essential amnio & fatty acids. All Prime100 dog food varieties have been fortified on top of the natural levels of nutrients by safely ensuring key vitamins and minerals above minimal recommended nutrients without exceeding maximum recommended levels, you may find that many raw diets in the market may only meet the minimum nutritional levels. All Prime100 meals are formulated to meet nutritional values established by AAFCO. FEDIAF and NRC dog food nutrient profiles. We offer a targeted and specialised long term pet food solutions for wellbeing, functions that may assist your dog with food responsive indications and preventative & diagnostic solutions.

Protein rotation is highly recommended to potentially help prevent food responsive indications and for also provides more variety for your dog. There are many SPD™ varieties to choose from including lamb, chicken, salmon and kangaroo.