Fresh, natural

ingredients with purpose.

Fresh, natural ingredients are an essential part of a healthy diet for you and your pet too! Prime100 innovates and creates Single Protein Diets (SPD) with single source of protein which can assist dogs (and cats) with food sensitivities. Single protein diets are considered low allergen due to the animal being exposed to one single protein. Prime100 carefully selects functional ingredients which provide all of the health promoting benefits for a healthy, happy pet!

SPD™ Air Dried

Our new Single Protein Air Dried range is nutrient dense, super palatable and can be used as a complete and balanced diet or a meal topper for kibble, raw or fresh food, or as a treat!

SPD™ Fresh Rolls

Our range of dog rolls are created using selected functional ingredients to ensure the complete health of your pets and complete peace of mind for you, the pet parent. Ingredients with purpose.